Minor Girl and major Guy Marriage Divorce

The Marriage took place when girl was 14 yrs and guy was 27 yrs but there is no physical relation till date. After few months of marriage girl returned to her parents house and did not return back for 7 months because she had complained that the guy is still having phone contact with his girlfriend. Later few months passed again she has left inlaws place and went back to her parents because guys had asked her to cook food at home. and dint return for few months. finally in may 2016 she disclosed to the guy that she is not willing to live with him and does not like him and does not accept him as her husband. Guy had a discussion with parents of the girl and gave them time line to think and decide weather to continue the relationship or to break the marriage. initially they asked for time to decide and months passed there was no positive response from girl and her parents. When guy asked for mutual consent for separation her father is demanding for compensation. Girl still says she don't want to live with this guy. Verbally she has agreed that this guys can get married to any girl she has no objection but her father is not accepting Now the guy is willing to take legal action and get divorce from her. Please suggest how to proceed and what are the problems for the guy and what are the advantages he have.