Vehicle Ownership

Hello Sir, I use to work on Kolkata during the year 2008 and I was using two wheeler vehicle there . The two wheeler vehicle was in the name of original owner and instead of efforts I couldn't reach to the Owner as I bought the vehicle from Agent office . The agent has collected my DL and took signature on delivery note , also suggested to use the vehicle as it is instead of owner name transfer. In fact I never met Owner and I couldn't take forward the process of owner transfership to my name . I have received Money receipt and requisite sale deed forms signed by the owner ( with blank value) . As I was keep moving out of Kolkata , I happened to handover the vehicle to one of my friend and latter On I released that there should be official document that I sold the vehicle to Friend . Since the vehicle owner as per RC is the original owner the Only thing we did was to create a notary document as per local court format and got it notary done indicating that vehicle is sold to my friend and my friend has taken over all the documents from me. Right now I have the notary document for sale agreement between myself and my friend, my friends id details . As the days passed by I lost contact with my friend and vehicle is still in the name of Original owner and I know for sure that vehicle will changes hands down the line , what happens if there is some mis-use ? Should I be worried ?