Ipc 420

I was appointed as Professor Civil by the institute, affiliated to Mumbai University, vide letter dt. 01/05/2016, of appointment under signature of Principal , as per the UGC approved salary norms, but during subsequent discussion on 06/05/2016 it was mutually agreed as 1) I will be working for 3 days a week, 2) The salary will be Rs. 1,00,000/- for 12 days of months, and 3) Traveling expenses of Rs. 2500/- for each day I will attain the institute. Accordingly I worked from month of May till 28/09/2016 till than No payment (Salary and traveling expenses) was made in spit of reminder for the same every week, on some or the other lame excuses. I sent e-mail to Dy. CEO on 27/09/2016, stating that if no payment is disbursed by 28/ 09/2016 I will be resigning from the post. On 28/09/2016 I was informed by Dy. CEO abut payment. The accountant prepared payment @ of Rs. 5000/ per day for 56 days of my working at the institute I accepted that cheque under protest in writing. Subsequently I e-mailed a letter to Dy. CEO and CEO, demanding the balance payment. I approached Dy. CEO and pointed out that the rate of payment is decided by the institute unilaterally, that which is not acceptable to me, in reply Dy. CEO verbally told me that it is the decision of the management, I than conveyed that I am quitting the post. Beyond the letter of appointment institute did not correspond. Pl. guide me for 1) Can I register a complain under IPC 420 against the Principal? 2) where the complain to be registered? as the institute is about 60 Km from my residence. Can the complain be registered in the police st. near my residence? 3) Does the case has sum and substance for complain under IPC 420 against appointing Principal?