What should I do now ?

Before august 2016 I was working in kolkata. I took transfer near my native place. wife was not willing. father in law came from delhi to kolkata. wife went to delhi with father in law took our only bellow 3years daughter with her. Indetails- fil retired from highly influential govt job (he worked as diplomat). having flat at delhi and kolkata. my wife is his only daughter. I am from a BPL background but somehow managed to complete engg degree and doing job in a psu. marriage before 5 years. problem was from very beginning, root cause difference in family background also philosophy of life. wife and in-laws wanted to cut-off financial supply line from me to my parents and other siblings. that was never supposed to be done by me. inlaws in the first 3 years came to my quarter and stayed for 2-3 months. their only objective was to cut off the supply line. but they failed, in the process wife did her best by denying me sex. but nothing happened in their favour. within two years my daughter took birth. (do not forget for birth of baby one time sex may be sufficient). after birth of baby one day argument with fil broke out regarding their past behaviour (after birth of baby inlaws stayed in my quarter for 3 month). they hatches conspiracy in my absence in quarter to implicate me in court case(audio record). wife goes delhi with pomise to return within 3 month but does not come. she tells me she is preparing for job at Delhi. I send her ticket and money to return, as a result she was forced to return. but after her return she started all kind of misbehaviour with demand of divorce and maintenance. she did everything from threatening to beating , throwing salt on my eyes (baby was on my lap ) to attacking me with knife, beating the baby to harass me or may be thinking if I react then she will get an opportunity to frame me in court case. some of the incidents has been video recorded. in such situation nobody can imagine about sex. baby got health issue. was not able to stand on her feet. went to physiotherapy, around 8-10 months of physiotherapy only by me baby now can run. wife never did physiotherapy for a single day. about my transfer to my native place, I discussed with fil and wife in length and breadth. BUt due violent behaviour and threat of wife after her return from delhi, I did not inform her about my own request transfer. she comes to know about it before 1.5 month of my actual transfer. after that my fil did everything to stop my transfer or secure money from me. in the process he threatened my relatives to destroy my career, Created tremendous pressure on the management people of my organization not to release me using his old high profile administrative network. finally he comes to kolkata and goes to office to complain against me with unknown people. most of them false. as in my office the lower level worker knew me very well, so fil fails to do anything major but I was in a state of panic. finally fil comes to my quarter with again unknown people takes away wife and her belongings with baby. after wife went with fil to his flat at kolkata she threatens me with legal action. after that fearing complain by wife and subsequent police harassment some how I managed to take transfer order and reach my native place. slowly i settled here. till now I did not communicate with wife. although she send me few massage initially before transfer to make provision for her stay in kolkata. I did not respond except i asked her to return to my quarter. My question what should I do now as it is going to be almost 3 month. Should I send letter with ticket to join me or wait ? Technically she can complain --- my husband did not contact me to take me with him after his transfer (although she was not willing to come with me ).