Sez property issue and oci address proof

1. Builder has sold us a flat in the non processing zone of the SEZ , we now realizing flats cannot be sold only leased. Further we are being told flat in SEZ cannot be leased to anyone other than someone already operating in processing zone in the SEZ, so this sale is illegal. The builder is saying pay me more to apply for dual usage so we can have a legal possession of the flat and be allowed to lease to 3rd parties. what can we do, we are being told consumer court has no jurisdiction in SEZ. 2. We are OCI holders, OCI are legally allowed to buy property in India but to go to consumer court we are trying to join a flat buyers association, we are being asked to provide local India address proof as prerequisite. As we are OCI we dont have a permanent address proof in India. What are the other options available to us to file a case in consumer court, how can we provide address proof is a affidavit good enough. So in future will we have issues to be members of society to even get a share certificate if we dont have a local address in India.