How to defend a stopped cheque case given to dsa of pnbhfl fo loa

I , deepak has recieved a court summon from mr. ravi (dsa of pnbhfl ) , he approached me for taking loan from their bank , but before starting my loan procedure , he asked me a security cheque of rs, 1,20,000 giving the reason that if i didnot acept the loan his comission from pnbhfl will not be coming , so i issued him a cheque of rs. 1,20,000 dated 25 july 2016, and after taking the loan cheque on 18th july 2016 from pnbhfl , i asked mr. ravi to return the cheque which was given as a security but he was making excuses of son illness and etc , as the date was coming closure , i stopped the payment of cheque in bank , and mr. ravi presented that cheque in bank on 29th july as it was returned , he send me the notice for payment of cheque when i asked him he told me that is is his service charge as he is running services for providing loan and ou will have to pay 1,20,000 and in that 1,20,000 bank ee are also taking their comission , when i asked pnbhfl ee they refused this thing and assured me to take action against dsa but now till today no action has been taken and dsa has send me the court summon of 28 th october , in that he is saying it is his 1.5% service charge for helping in providing loan ? what should i do ? i trust him , and he cheated how can i prove that i have given as security cheque ? is it legal that a dsa of pnbhfl can take comission from consumer ? pnbhfl ee should be presented as witness or not ?