Family prob

I am usha.I got married on June 2015.arranged marriage. We both are software engineer.we ran family only for 4 months.I faced dowry problem and I came to my parent soon I came from their home they started to pour me on fake things on my behaviour in my relations circle.after 2 months that I came out of their home their family they wantedly arranged katta panchayat by saying like they r ready to take me to their home.but instead of compromise they again pour fake things on me and trying to make everyone in panchayat to believe their fake my brother sent out them saying we ll give complain in police station. So that time my husband accepted the things he did to me with our community leader and said he ll take me with him.but he dint.. And he dint even speak with me after I came out of their home.without any communication he sent me a notice that I am not joining with him and he dint ask any dowry and his parents dint do any harrasment.then after me too sent reply notice like I am ready to live with him in case of if he ll give security for my life that he won't do it that again in a written statement. But he was not ready to give assurance for my life .again he sent a notice by pouring some more fake things again and we gave complain to police station last month..but in station also polices they r not at all ready to hear my point..they dint even do inquiry on them and they supported them only.and he started to blame our community leader who conducted panchayat due to he came with us to station to explain the things.still In station inquiry is going on..but I don't have any evidence for there any possibilities to trace phone calls before one year.because his parents asked dowry with my parents in phone calls also and they abused us.this is the one I can show as evidence if I can get it.would anyone please suggest how to handle it more?