Intimidation by organization head

Hello. About two days ago I wrote an email to the area chair of a large real estate corporation in Gurgaon about an issue I had had with them over the past year or so. I'm this email I mentioned that sudden noise can and does cause adverse health effects including but not limited to, and not always, cardiac arrest. This was just one line among some others that mentioned gross negligence on the part of the company managing the gated society and the read estate Corp. The following day there was unexpectedly loud noise from the floor right below the one I live on, starting with extremely loud banging of doors, and in the afternoon, the use of a mechanical drill on the light fixtures on the ceiling of the floor below, that is, my apartments floor. This was really disturbing as it happened during hours we normally nap, and in the master bedroom meaning that whoever orchestratrd it knew that this would have an effect right where it hurt most. The very loud banging and moving objects continued well after we managed to get the drilling do stop with a phone call to the supervisor, who said that the floor was being rented to bachelors (the email I had written also had concerns about the noises made by bachelors living on the floors a bit above our level). Later in the evening around nine pm when the noises should have stopped, we got a call from the person I had addressed in an email and he asked to speak to me but since I was busy they were asked to call later. The supervisor informed us that the labor work was allowed to proceed unto late hours by a close ally of the official I had emailed, and that the reason was they didn't know there were hour restrictions specified in the society's code. This intimidation has since stopped but I feel I am up against a huge corporation in a state where lawlessness appears to be more prevalent than people moving into it are aware. What can be done in such circumstances? Is the common man at the mercy of big developers once they buy a property and get stuck in an area where there's no development and hooliganism appears to be getting rampant??