Maintenance question

Hi All, Wrt to DV act that was filed by my wife and the case which is in progress, an order was passed by the judge where the interim maintenance was passed initially without me getting a notice or consent of husband about some XXXXX amount stating both parties are liberty to ask for discussion of this matter. Upon me acknowledging and later due to some "exparte mismatch" Petitioner had not file to grant exparte inter mainte, but after issuing notice a new application was filed to grant exparte orders. However, Judge has declined the interim relief exparte due to ccp 1973. I guess with the order given it cannot be proceeded for an appeal. adding to it, wife is highly educated and the valid proof of few other tortures that was given to husband. it's been after 1 year that she had left and file a case. 1) Please let me know if I can divorce her not legally but from Muslim committee? 2) What would be consequences in I give talaq? 3) If the wife can still go for a maintenance for the second time?