Access to my house

Hi, I have a property in chawl in Mumbai, my family had been living there for more than 35 years, recently my family shifted to some other location, now the problem has started once I was not at home the person living opposite to me has erected a gate at the access of my property, when I confronted him he said that " few days ago some Goans had came and were drinking and said something to his family when he was not at home, that is y for the protection of his family and for the safety of our property he has constructed this this" . Say this he had given me a key to the smaller gate which is within the main gate, now I am trying to give my property on rent this guy is saying that you are about to earn out of it what about my, as I am providing access from my property, he is saying that the land on which your house is standing is on my name. please provide me a solution as he has good contacts and kind of quite knowledgeable in property related matters, please help me how to completely get that gate removed..