Hello! My husband went to visit His family in may and his family stole his passport to stop him from coming back to uk because they don't agree with our marriage. His father is involved in politics so until I start calling and emailing Mumbai police, the police in the town where my husband lives were not taking any action. After almost 4 months my husband managed to make another passport legally. Now the police in his town is asking him to bring 2 witnesses for the case against his father to go in court. And they start threatening my husband that if he doesn't bring those witnesses they will open a case against my husband to stop him from leaving the country. My husband doesn't want to harm his father in any way and also, by giving 2 names as witnesses, those people are in danger because we don't know what my husbands family may do if they find out . For me it just looks like politics and I think police is just using my husband to attack my husbands father. What can happen if my husband will not bring the 2 witnesses? What will happen if he will bring them? In around one month my husband will leave India, will come over to uk and he doesn't want to go back for count hearings or stuff like that.