498a, 506 , DV act of 2005 -Follow up question

1. Court hearing the DV case, is said to have considered that the summons sent to me and my son, at the addresses given to them, were said to have been issued , allegedly signed by some one, which we are not aware. we have neither recieved the summons nor we are in those places, where the summons have been said to have been received. It seems the court, considers , it as EXPARTE and can take further steps, as our advocate says, to surrender our passports. This is shocking and very confusing. No summons were recieved by my wife on behalf of us. She took her summons alone and took bail. serving summons to us is wild goose chase. she is maintaining silence too. I O is cruel and the judges/court are not immune to influences, I have a strong feeling, by looking at the speed , the case is progressing, we will be in big trouble. what are the options left to us? If we surrender, and go back, we lose our jobs and also, earnings.I came to know, one NRI husband,from Dubai, was being tortured by the I O and not allowing him to go back and join the duty. His father seems begging the lady I.O. to spare him, but she is ruthless.I shudder to think our fate in the hands of such police officers. we are treated worse than criminals, even if we have not done anything wrong. How blindly, the 498a wife statements are taken to harass the husbands???!!!. very cruel and strange. 2. should we protect the properties - 2 houses, held in joint name with my son and me? should I transfer the property share of my son, to be fully to me or my wife, so that, 498a wife, does not claim from that property? 3. what are the options to sell our properties in India and invest in another country, and also, seek permanent residency in another country of our choice? How to transfer the funds ,which may be required upto 600000 US dollars? Can this option save us from the harassments from the courts and IO as it is well known, any one working abroad [ we are working outside, only since 1 year] are put to maximum harassment and the police expect us to pay huge amounts as bribes. we cant squander our hard earned money ,to these corrupt officials and also we are unable to face the harassments both at courts and by the police.This is our agony and heartbreaking situation. we got into this hell, just by accepting this demon of a girl, to tie to our delicate boy and our only son. we wished to have a daughter in the form of daughter in law,, as we dont have a daughter. But our fate, is very bad. 4. If I ask some one or my wife or son, to do any bank transfers of huge sums of money required for overseas investments ,like a flat in Dubai, will it expose our place of stay, by any means? Our lawyer is discouraging us ,not to do any such transfers and he says, it will expose our place of stay. If this is not safe, How do I invest overseas for our future safety and livelihood? what is the process to be followed for such investments, through net transfers after reserve bank permissions or through some one coming here by cash / cheque? we are allowed to invest upto 250000/- US dollars as I understand. Please advice. 5. if the lawyer does not attend the court in DV case, due to some personal problems or traffic jams or vehicle breakdowns, will our case gets harmed? if my wife is present in the court , but can not argue our case, as a lawyer. will the judge allow, our lawyer to appear, at a next hearing, without seriously affecting our case?