498a, 506 , DV act of 2005 -Follow up question

Thanks for the opinions and advice given in the last mail. I am giving detailed mail to make it more clear about our situation vis- a –vis LOC/RCN. 1. 498 a investigation is going on since march 2016. The investigating officer keeps harassing my wife, to inform my and my son’s address. She threatens to send RCN and she says , she has already sent LOC. We don’t know,if it is sent or not. FIR is totally false and there is no evidence as nothing happened as alleged. It is shocking how the police could register FIR even without any evidence. How do we come to know, if the LOC or RCN is really sent by police or the court or it is just a threat to my wife to extract our addresses or contact details? If LOC is already given, will it be meant for within India or anywhere in the world? What is its legal validity, I mean, is it enforceable outside India? Will the Indian embassies all over the world, keep a track of our passports or call us and harass us to surrender or go back to India to face the court? What is the role of Indian embassy or consulate in such matters? My son has never got any court notice nor it has been delivered to his office nor I have been served with notice nor at my employer’s address. In that case, can the court or the police issue LOC or RCN? When high profile persons like Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya could not be arrested and extradited, will the embassy or the court or the police or the Interpol can arrest and deport or extradite me or my son ,that too on totally false, frivolous, imaginary and vexatious complaints, in which there is not even 1 % of truth. In fact, we are the aggrieved and harassed and defamed , attacked, kidnapped, even I had asked for protection by sending email and tweet to the police. 2. Can my wife petition the high court on my behalf and herself, to discharge both of us from the DV case [ registered under sec 12]? 3. My wife’s anticipatory bail condition by the court, is that – she has to sign every 15 days at the police station in Bangalore, where the FIR was lodged. There is no condition for her –not to leave the place or the country. Can she travel outside the country or within the country but outside Bangalore with her sister or aged mother for health reason or any personal or religious reasons, to any country outside India? Is it necessary to inform the court ? If so, what is the procedure for getting permission from the court? Can she ask for change of police station near to our home 200 kms away from Bangalore, as she has to travel every 15 days is very stressful –she is also aged 56 yrs and had leg fracture 4 yrs back , still suffers from leg pain. 4. Can me or my wife file a defamation case on them for spreading lies meeting our friends and relatives that we took 100 crores of dowry and have run away and that my son has harassed his wife? 5. Can me or my wife file TEP- tax evasion petition and ask for information under RTI act, to IT authorities as they have falsely alleged in FIR and DV complaint, that they have given 20 crores dowry and 10 crores stridhan, whereas we have not taken single rupee as dowry as we are very principled and honest tax payers, filing regular tax return. We have a single old car worth 75,000/- and live in a simple flat, we still travel in public transport inspite of my working as doctor for 35 years in India and abroad. Thanks,