Rape case threat

I am 32 years of old unmarried man working in kerala goverment service.I was in love with a girl since 2009 and she had been studying in banglore at that time.when she was 13 years f old she resided at my home and told someone that she loved me. Knowing this i complained to her family and she was beaten up for this by her family. After that we didt speak for 10 years and they went away to a new rented home. But again in 2009 we met again in a social media and started contacts again.out of sympathy in the old case I didn’t be so rude on her. She always told me that she loved me but i continuously rejected. but in 2013 while i was on a tour in banglore she came to my hotel room and compelled me for sex by some seductive ways. After that she continuously started saying that i would marry her and started threatening me that she would let others know about this and made me have affair with her 3 more times in banglore (same hotel) and 3 times in a kerala hotel(same hotel).whenever i refused she threatened me again saying the old incidents and whenever i tried to withdraw from the relation she sent me bad messages in mobile and threatened me that she would go to court if i tried to withdraw and made me do everything as per her wish .i couldn’t do anything but obey her. in 2016 March she went to US for higher studies on a five year visa up to 2021 for which a huge amount was needed and their family borrowed 7 lakhs Rs from me.I took a loan from a society to give them this money. but i have no proof for this other than her whatsap messages. so whenever marriage proposals started to came i tried to withdraw from relation convincing her but she was adamant and was not ready. So when I changed my mobile no she told everything at her home and they contacted me and compelled me that I should marry her when she come from USA otherwise they would file a case against me on charges of rape and sex on fake marriage proposal .I am not at all interested to marry her because I fear she is taking revenge on me and my family for the old incidents happened at my teenage. Her whatsap messages saying the same against my family and seducing and demanding sex from me.,I fear I will lose my job and will have to suffer legal issues and mental problems in society . What can I do in this situation.anybody please advice me.