Police calling up to threaten

I am college student this year there had been a tiff with a fellow college mate of mine. The tiff involved this girl saying nonsense about me to friends and all. Now called her up 20 times in order to demand an explanation to which she did not answer the call. Late in that evening a call from police station near their house came to my mothers mobile where the police threatened me that if I call any further they will take action. I feel this is absolutely out law. When I mentioned this he threatened me that he will teach law to me if I argue. What kind of complain can this person lodge and will it affect my career in future or is it that due to familiarity with the police officer she misused the contact. I am a girl of 22 years and this has mentally affected me a lot hence though it might seem petty infront of other complaints I really need some help. I can confront her o send any msg even requesting to stop this slander against me plus making the police involved and threating over the phone proves how dangerous they are. Her father is an hpcl employee holding managerial post. And also what step can I take against it or will trying to contact or send a message to this person further will make her lodge fir