False 498A

I am living in US. I initiated divorce proceedings in US where I am domicile by physically serving divorce complaint to my wife (in July, 2016). She and her father were planning a conspiracy against me to implicate me under false 498A and I got that in a voicemail recording (in March, 2016). We already complaint to the SP office fearing that they might file a false 498A. My wife left for India after divorce notice was served. After going back she filed false 498A against me and my family (in October, 2016). Now police is harassing my parents back at home. I have a lot of proofs which can clearly show that I never harmed her physically or demand any dowry from her or her parents. My question is that if my divorce is already in process in USA, can they still file 498A against me ? Should that not be quashed in high court as already I have a case on-going in USA ? How can I protect my family back in India against this draconian law which is one sided towards female. Please suggest. Thanks. Sumit Shah