Regarding divorce and custody of child

Hi, I am satyajit saha teacher in central school, my marriage was love marriage everything was going well but after birth of son things gradually behaviour of my wife get changed. her ill behaviour compelled to shift her with son in rented house in my home town different from my duty station, but she didnt get changed her ill behaviour keeeps on blaiming all others only shouting on my family members relatives and not good relation with mother and brother. never picks phone dont allow me to talk with son to touch to take home. in last 2 years she changed 3 rented accommodation but never she stayed. she staying with her motherforcefully. 3 months i stay at my hometown but i never stayed peacefully with family this or that not allow me to take son never talk politely with me not any one i amgiving all expences still she dont want change my son is not getting normal life due to her ill behaviour OCD and never satisfied what i pay to her but for that i kept the record i was compromising from last few years but getting noting. now I am patient of fatty lever, nerve problem, ureteral stone and gallbladder stone still no change. realy shouting and blaiming nature, shouting and irritating behaviour , cruelty towards son and me, obsessive compulsive disorder washing behaviour , fed up please help me out