Car accident involving 3rd party Injury

Dear, Sir/Madam Unfortunately, yesterday I faced an accident and caused an injury to the third party who was on Two wheeler. He is still in the hospital and according to the doctor's report, He has a major leg fracture and 3 months of bed rest. I am currently holding Full Motor Insurance including 3rd party as well and holding a valid driving licence. We had words with the victim for the settlement but he is asking for way too much. which is more than an expense of his treatment and for that I denied and they decided to file FIR. Now, What I would like to know is 1) What happens if they file FIR? 2) Do insurance company provide me a lawyer or do I have to arrange a lawyer on my own? 3) What is the punishment for the same? 4) Any similar case I can refer to which has been solved in past? 5) Can I take away my car from the custody of police to get it repaired? (if yes then what documents do I need to obtain from Police station) I would appreciate if I can get as much information as you can provide. Regards. Vishal