Land Settlement after parents death

Hi All, My father passed away in January 2016, also my mother passed away in march 2015. Both had properties in their name. list as follows: 1. house property --- Mother --- Bangalore 2. house property --- father --- Bangalore 3. agricultural land property (two of them) --- father --- Mangalore I've 3 sisters and myself. after discussion, we are settling such that properties are given to me and i pay them some amount. I checked with local lawyers but getting conflicting details on how to proceed. Suggestion 1: was to proceed with Relinquishment Deed where everything is settled. But they are saying both can't be done in one place. I have to get Bangalore property in Bangalore and Mangalore property in Mangalore. Also, they are saying that since the agricultural land is in my father's name, it cannot be relinquished directly. It has to first be changed to all our 4 names and then we have to do this. Suggestion 2: was to go for partition deed where we say that cash is taken by sisters and property is taken by me. But i doubt that partition deed is safer compared to relinquishment deed. Also, My sisters are staying in other states. So, they won't come more than once. And with them changing their mind sometimes also. So i want this to happen at one shot. Please suggest how to proceed. Deepak Shetty