Medical Council of India is not following its own rules

Hello, I am a candidate who has passed the NIOS exam on 2014 with 52% + marks in Physics Chemistry Biology combined and also 68 in English . So I seeked for admission to foreign country for medical education and so I needed Eligibility Certificate issued from MCI . Now, the eligibility certificate doesn't have provisions for NIOS students . No way to send marks for verification and all . And the eligibility regulations of the MCI for foreign graduate study says that MCI follows the 1997 regulation of eligibility. Which in short is 50% in PCB and pass in English in the general quota. Now NIOS is also approved by MCI and also this year NIOS students were eligible for giving NEET too . However I wrote to them for asking to give me an eligibility certificate which is essential to study in foreign university . To which they reply they won't . And they do not consider NIOS students for applying. Now this is against there own rules set by them . I need some legal assistance on this matter what should I do. See there certificate is also 14 years old . Now they also don't revise the certificate. Here are some links on MCI website which prove my point 1) 2) 3) point no 2 4) 5)