What should I do to get entry and live in my matrimonial home?

My dominating inlaws have created problems between me and my husband and shifted my belongings to a substandard rented flat with cctv cameras and microphones installed in bedroom, bathrooms and every corner of the flat, connected with internet, to humiliate me, in my absence and not letting me enter and live in my matrimonial home. They have filled in my husband's mind that I will take his property and vanish. So I stayed in that rented flat for more than a year to make my husband realise that I am not interested in his property, but wish to lead a good family life with my husband. But all my efforts to bring solution peacefully are unsuccessful. My husband and inlaws are forcing me to lead a substandard life in rented flat if I wish to return or live in my parents home forever. My husband's first wife was found hanged with fan leaving a 9.5 years old son behind. My inlaws were against her too. Now they have created similar situations for me too. I wish to live in my matrimonial home (and not the rented substandard flats with unstable life) with my husband. What should I do?