Retiral benefits pension

In recent Judgment in the Civil Appeal No. 9750-9819 (Arising from SLP(C) No.[deleted] of 2014) State of HP & Ors. -- Appellants versus Rajesh Cher Sood etc.etc..... Respondents, the Judgment of the High Court of HP was set aside and the appeal of the Govt. of HP was allowed. In this case the High Court of HP had allowed pensionary benefits being vested right of the employees. The Govt. of HP had given pensions to all Board and Corporation w.e.f. 1-4-99 by notification and all the employees had given options and accepted the same. After a period of about four years the Govt. of HP by notification repealed the earlier notification barring those who retired between 1-4-99 to 2-12-2004( 2-12-2004 the repealing notification date). The repealing notification was contested in the Hon. High Court of HP which directed to give pensions to all incumbents who opted for the pension under Pension Scheme. Will you please go through the Judgement passed by the Hon. Supreme Court of India dated 28-9-2016 and advise us what sort of points to be taken up by us in our Review Petition to be filed before the Hon. Supreme Court of India.