Regarding Legal Notice Marriage

Dear Sir, This is Nawaz got married on 2010 and I have one boy who is 5 years old, since our start of life we dint had good understanding and we often get separated, considering my sons future gave petition to local jamath where marriage held and reconciliation happened based on some conditions but still there is an problem with our family life and she often abuses that me and my mother have illegal relationship. In these 6 years we together lived only 1 year and rest she was staying along with her mother and I am working in Bangalore and she is in Chennai therefore I called her to live along with me in Bangalore but she is asking me to leave my parents and family and no one should call me or see me in future and I have send a legal notice to my wife mentioning all her faults during our marriage life and asking her to live together but I dint get any reply from her but instead she met my advocate and expressed that she can live only based on this condition that I have to leave my parents who are aged and ill. I have all the proof of her messages where she always mentioned that my mother is a prostitute and I am having illegal relationship with her...What should I do next, can I send her the divorce notice directly. NOTE : So far 4 reconciliation has been made on this topic but no change in her to lead a happy life.