Mental harassment by mother-inlaw

I am 34 yr old female married for 10years and have children aged 8 and 2.6. Ours was a love marriage he being maharashtrian and I am a malayalee.. My mother inlaw was against us getting married but later came home spoke to my parents and we got married with the permission of both the families.. But since the second day of my marriage my mother inlaw has been taunting me , or talking ill about my parents and me, and uses abusive language even in front of the kids. My husband and his mother also fight a it and then she blames me for everything.. And my husband expects me to reconcile both of them .. Which u hv been doing all these years.. But nothing has changed.. My being quiet has only encouraged her faulty behaviour.. She will cry loudly and turn everything on me.. I am unable to manage this stress and adviced my husband to let me stay with kids in another place but he simply is unable to understand the seriousness of the issue. The last time she had an out burst she stood up to hit me.. To which I objected.. Since then I am under constant stress.. She believes in performing black magic for everything.. Though I don't believe in it can it be of any use if I go in for anything legally.she has also insulted my parents . Is there any legal method to move out with family .. She also threatens to file case against me that I am not taking care of them and children not taking care of their parents should be jailed. Please hrlp