Regarding Squashing the case

Hi My Name is Thejaswini, it's been a 1 year 5Months I Got married, b4 marriage I put case on ma Husband still that case is going on because it's 376,313,420 case after marriage He was nit having job He got opportunity In Bangalore, as we don't had money his mom took case of our traveling expenses and I fludged my jewelry for 80k n paid House advance and bought house hold goods, Before fledging my jewelry My husband told me clearly that he will get my jewelry out with in two months once he get into job, It's been 1year now He is working for some good MNC company , Now he is blackmailing me saying that You finish the case 1st then only I'll get your jewelry out ,untill and unless You Don't close the case I'll not get your jewelry Back. The main thing is in this 1.5 year he never ever took care of me properly or Gave me value, He never treated me like his wife, Always He gives mental torture, In high Court judge told him clearly "You should take case of her nicely then only We will close the case" Now he n his Mom Asking me to Squash the case then only will get your jewelry. Please Tell me what I can do Now.