Leakage problems

Hello, I live in a housing society and my building is G+3 floors. I stay on the 2nd floor. For many years (since 2012) I've been facing problem with leakages from the flat above mine. Whenever I approach him, the owner refuses to cooperate and says to ask the tenants to do something about it. The tenants come and go and the problem keeps getting worse as nobody is doing anything about it. Last time, the problem got so severe than there were actual water streams coming out if the walls and not just being damp. I have the pictures of the same. The problem was severe and near the main switch board and I contacted the housing soceity and asked them to take actions immediately. It was found that there was a problem with the drainage pipe and also the water pipes within the wall. I was informed that it was taken care of and work was done but now I'm facing the same problem. The owner refuses to come here to see what is the problem The tenants refuse to corporate and do the work The society knows the problem too but doesn't do anything about solving it I have spent time, strength and money over the issue. Kindly give me legal advice and what rights I have as a society member and how to go about solving the problem. Thank you