3 months salary on hold

Hi, I had joined a company (Company 1) who had resourcing contract with another company (Company 2). After working for 3 months we recived only 1 month salary and 2 months salary was kept on hold. After multiple followups we didnt got any concreate answer from the Company 1 and hence we marked mail that if we didnt receive our salary then we will stop reporting to office after 3 days, but still there is no revert. However we got call from our reporting manager to report on job as they will settle the dues within 3 days. So we joined and even after 1 week there is no due settlement. So after 15 days we left we no choice to stop reporting to office as we are out of funds and we intimate the Company 1 about the same. Now its been 3 months the salary is on hold and company is not reverting on mailers and just keep on extending dates of settling dues and when we marked mailers about filing a civil case Company conveyed that then they will purposely hold the salary untill court judgement and it will be trouble for us as the Company 1 is banglore based and we resides at Mumbai and they will harress us by calling banglore frequently. I dont know what to do and in very bad financial state.