Conducts of Supremecourt

Good evening Sir I've observed your cases for many years now and am a keen follower of your responses in this open forum. Want to understand your opinion on this one case that is my own presented in the Supreme Court in 2013 . This was a civil matter involving land wherein we had won the case in the Allahabad High Court in 2008. The matter went to the Supreme Court and from 2011 hearing started, the bench had asked the petitioner to present the record they claimed they had , but in truth that document did not exist hence impossible to get. Somehow at a crucial point the case went to another bench , this was unexpected . And the bench reserved the judgment on that very day . The verdict was later announced dismissing the HC judgement . The document that was required and being followed up by the earlier bench for close to one year was suddenly made redundant . Also the judge's son was directly associated with the petitioner and the verdict was given in their favor . Is this legal sir ? This was 25 years of hard work and sweat and final hearing was just a formality as the verdict was clearly pre decided.