Hareshment case

I am married since 3 yrs. After doing mental tourture For 1.5 yrs my mother in law asked my husband to to keep me in a different flat. My husband with planning with his mother kept me in a rented flat. He never made any kind of sexual relationship with me. He is suffering from any sexual problem or it's the part of their plan that I leave him out of frustration. Time and gain har has beeteen be badly whenever I raised my voice for sex or anything. Past 6 months he has started forcing me to get back to live with his mother , to which I have deneyed always and then he has Betten me badly. In dowery we have given him car, 10 lacs cash and jewellers. And in between he has been asking for hard cash from my father to buy things in this rented house. Cash he used to keep and buy the things from his credit card may be a planning again. Now from last 5 days he has left me and gone to live with his mother as I had deneyed. He bet again when I deneyed and then went there. What action I can take against him and his family ??? He as ruined my life, how can he pay for what he has done ??? Pls help me.