Fake car accident FIR ?

On 7th august 2016 police came at my grandpa's doorstep and asked if there a person named pankaj?He said no my sons alok and aditya live here,the police guy said that your son aditya has hit and run a guy on the morning(7:30am) of 1st july 2016.On 9th august they gave us a notice to be present at the police station,my father went there and read the FIR which said that I (victim's name) was hit by a car of this model of this color with this number and after injuring me the person ran away and I am giving my statement on 7th july as I was not able to give it on 1st july.Now the thing is that my father doesn't even take that route for work and he starts from home at 8:30am for work.As per the phone call location that the police got out also indicates that dad was home.Head constable of our area came again todayat 12th october 2016 that I'll have to seize your cas as per the rules to preserve the evidence and you need to get CCTV footage that your car wasnt in that area on that day as phone location isn't enough evidence maybe you left your phone home that day.Now I am looking for laws that would govern a case like this,I am no law student just looking for some answers that my help my dad prove his innocence and want to now what all can the police do with us on the basis on an FIR,even when we are innocent?