Regarding Divorce and False Al ligation of Dowry threat by Wife

Hi, I have got married on 25th May, 2014. My wife went to her mother home on Oct 2015. During those time, i was bad - financially not stable - Been in gambling. My wife helped me during those time with an amount of 2.5 Lac Cash and 2.5 Lac Loan. After she moved to her family home, everything was quite alright. I was planned to get some more money in a positive way. And i have moved out of india to gain some money and repay all my debt. Till June, my wife was talking nicely with me. All of a sudden in july month, their family members told, filed for divorce case. I have been to india a month back, where i had thought to convince them but everything it got altered. Now they are demanding an amount of 12 Lac from me. I tried to convince them but they failed to talk with me. I really loved my wife and i admit that i was wrong during those time. Now i stepped to come back for my wife, but no use. Noone believes my statement. I haven't received any divorce paper in my address. But they are telling its already been sent. I hope it would be ex-Partie Divorce I have got an amount of only 5Lac including the loan taken on her name. But now they are demanding this much big amount 12 Lac. If i would be in a good position, surely i will give all that. Im out of india. Im unable to agree of 12 Lac amount. They want my mom to do sign and give it to them. I have told them, i will be back in dec and will write and sign on my own. Now they threatening my family people that, we will lodge complaint on you in dowry and other things. Im really afraid. I dont want my family people to get into the trouble. Are they asking me to sign the document because in Ex-partie divorce, they can't claim any amount. Please let me know, how to proceed with this.