Do I make another settlement deed?

!983 our uncle bought a house in the name of a pri.Ltd. company as guest house of company and put me in their saying it is for me and he arranged and conducted the Grahapravesam me as the owner of the house. Later I found out it was company guest house and again insisted that he give my share in the company. My two elder brothers were also share holders in the company.In 1983 my uncle (father's younger brother) transferred the property in lieu of our share of all three ..Till today I am in possession paying house tax, EB bill and water charges from 1986..My eldest brother died in 2000.. In 2011 second brother made a settlement deed duly registered in my favour.Eldest brother wife and 3 males have signed a settlement deed in 2006 not stamped and registered. 3 Females were not mentioned and are willing to sign now. Can I add another sheet for the female members to sign?. If the boys alone refuse to register what should I do?EB.and water connection is still in the name of original builder in 1971. Company name is still on house tax receipt. Original documents are still with my uncle. My uncle got gift deed from eldest brother's share for a pub.char. trust run by him in 1994. Filed a suit for partition in 1997 and withdrew in 2004 without any hearing. My brother's sons sold ancestral land properties in 2015 removing my name from rev.records. I do not mind it though I sent a legal notice. All 7 are adults. Is unregistered family settlement deed valid? How to proceed further.?