Marriage Annulment for marriage willfully not consummated by both

HiAll, My marriage (arrange concept) got fixed in Nov, 2015 and the ceremonies were to happen in Oct 2016. The guy was in abroad and I am in India. The guy is Sikh and the girl is Hindu. In the meanwhile, with family's consent and their decision we got court married in India in Ghaziabad on Jan 2016 (without any ceremonies) solely for the visa purpose, so that we are sorted with visa issues after the rituals and ceremonies in October and I can accompany him abroad immediately after our functions in India. Post this I continued with my job in India and we never stayed together. Just two months before Oct and as a vacation, I visited him for 20 days. Now right few days before the rituals and ceremonies we have mutually decided to not go ahead with this relation and have cancelled all the ceremonies. We have never lived together and this so called marriage has also never been consummated due to mutual decision and without any resentment from either party. We want to mutually get this marriage annuled so that I dont get the tag of divorcee. (One year will complete in Jan 2017). Please tell me if this is possible and any complications involved?