How to save streedhan when wife taking divorce

We stayed in joint family with my parents..My wife left home n now claims streedhan before filing for mutual consent divorce..her streedhan is with includes all jewellery given to her by us(her in-laws).she only has marriage photographs with her wearing that jewellery..Pls advice how can I prevent her taking that even though she's wearing then in the pictures.. 1.Cant I say they all belong to my mom ,and were given to her for marriage .shld I have some proof like some random photos of my mom wearing those jewellery items . 2.If we have bills of having purchased the jewellery,then does it all still go to her since shes wearing them in photos,or showing bills can help us retain them as ours. 3.Can I just straight away deny that we don't hve anything ,since shes taken all of it with her when she that case does she have to prove that it's with us or we have to prove she s taken it all. 4.A separate Q.In mutual consent divorce,during settlement talks between both parties with both lawyers also present, when her lawyer listens to our discussion tht we got her streedhan, and unluckily if a divorce case is filed later wherein we deny having any of her streedhan, will her lawyers statement that we have her streedhan(since she heard us discussing earlier that we have it) stand as a evidence,she being a 3rd party??