In which way my ancestral property can be partinioned?

Hi, I am from West bengal. We are 3 children of our Parents. 1 son[i.e. Me] and my 2 elder sisters. Our father died in 1992. At the time of his death 2 of us were children and one of my sister were adult but not married. In 2003 one my elder sister got married and in 2006 my another sister got married. In 2007 my mother died. At the time of her dead, our property was named after 4 of us by the law of inheritance. Still now its same in corporation mutation paper. I am now married and live in the same house with my family. My sisters want there share. My question is how this property going to be divided legally if I ask court to decide the partition? Please note: # My house consists 4 rooms. One of which is a shop which is my main source of income. # I have no other house or property to live. # From 2007 I am solely maintaining my house. None of my sisters have invested anything for repairing my ancestral property. For example, if my ancestral property cost 30 Lakhs how will it be divided? Will it be divided 10 lakhs each between 3 of us without considering my maintenance cost? Or by some other way?