Division of bungalow and right of inherited property

My grandfather has built the house ( bungalow)from his income prior to 1970 .Due to his health problems he has transferred the said property on the name of my father and uncle by submitting an application and accordingly the house was transferred on the name of my fathers and uncle My father has only one brother and no sisters. My Grandfather and Grandmother are no more. My uncle wants to sell off the house. However my father, mother and we three sisters (we do not have brother) do not want to sell. But we want to divide the property and have our own share. We have no objection if my uncle wants to sell his share in the property. My uncle has two sons and his wife ( my aunt) Now my question is: How to divide this property as it is a bungalow? Do we three sisters and my mother have the right in my father’s share of this bungalow, as it has been built by my Grandfather? Can we stop my uncle if he persuades to sell both my fathers and his share and demand for proper division of the bungalow?