RCR after 1 yr of separation?

Summary of the happenings since my marriage: 1. i got married in may2015 - after 2 months of my marriage i found my wife visiting her college friend's (male) house discretely after school (she's a teacher). when asked and later confronted, she denied and lied about it creating a bad scene. her parents had to be involved - who took her away assuring they would return her after counselling. 2. since aug2015, she is staying at her parent's house. we have tried all possible means to bring her back - through personal requests, visits, family and friends' involvement etc - but she is adamant to not come back and not grant divorce either. even though she claims of domestic violence, rape, dowry - she has not filed any complaint. 3. i had to move to bangalore in june this year - since then i am living alone. i have continued to write e-mails to her asking her to come back, but no response. she continues to work near her parent's house in faridabad. its been more than a year of separation now. there is s strange silence and inaction from both or families. i intend to forgive and forget everything in the past - and start afresh with her. what is my way forward? what are my chances in a legal proceeding (for ex RCR)?