Property dispute and divorce

I am 52 years old.I have a married daughter.Myself and my wife are Hindus.I do NOT have any monthly income as salary except the interest from bank and I have immovable properties from which there is no income. My wife deserted me almost FOUR years back.I did NOT pay dowry to my daughter's marriage and asked my daughter to repay her educational loan she obtained for her MBBS.This irritated my wife.She has given these reasons for desertation. Now she says I have to do half the domestic work for her to live with me.She turned down my suggestion that I am willing to hire domestic servants from my earning and she need not do any domestic work.She disagreed for that and insists that I myself should do the domestic work. If I insist on mutual consent divorce she says I have to pay her half of my property value for her sign mutual consent divorce. I have filed a unilateral petition in a family court in Bangalore.Whether she can say that divorce can NOT be given unless I pay half my propert value? I can prove that all the property I bought was from my income I earned while working in USA.Can I request the court that the compensation to my wife may be taken as a seperate case and I may be granted divorce.If court requests I am ready to give an undertaking stating that I will NOT sell the immovable propertis till the case is disposed. I am affected by Schizoprenia,a mental illness because of which I can NOT take any stressful jobs though I am well qualified.I am working without salary.My medicine dosage incresed due to my desertion.I have produced a medical certificate from my psychiatrist along with my divorce petition. Can I ask the court to speed up the divorce case as I will be subjected to further stress to my mental illness. I am afraid my wife will drag the case as I am NOT willing to give her half my earning.If I get divorce I will be in a position to marry another woman who will be supportive to me.