Partitioning of the property

My Grand father has a house in Chennai. He died before 2005. Property is still not partitioned. Grand father has 8 chilldren. 4 Sons and 4 daughters. Grandmother also died four years back. House is maintained by all 4 sons together. My father is eldest of all. Issue is my father wants to partion it or sell it and spit the money. But my father's last brother wants to give money settle others and get the property. But he does not have enough money to pay the market rate to settle others. My Father's last brother does not come for discussion or if he does some discussion initiate some fights with anger and escapes. Does not talk properly abuses my father and mother for no reason. But he wants all the others to give the property for less money. Being a son I am very deppressed watchng my parent's getting abused. My father is 65+ years old. He is not ready for dicussion puts some unrealistic demands and tries to drag the matter. He thinks my father will die in some years and after that he can partition the property as his wish. He is last son but he want his share to be in the front. Please advice me legally what should my father do. My father is in need of money. Other brother and sister drag the matter. Can my father partition and get his share without others brothers and sisters sign or willingness. Please let me know if you need any further information. Please advise