For the decree from court for the muslim divorce from men side.

Hi, I am a muslim guy and 28 years old. I married to a girl two and half month before in the house of girl in a small gathering with muslim customs. Only nikah (marriage) had been performed and it was fixed between two families that we will bring the girl after 4 months in our house. After one month I came to know that she had some affair with others and it was continued even after nikah. And I also came to know that she shown us the forged certificate of her schooling and she is actually 9 years older than me. Before the marriage she was claiming that she is only 2 years older than me. Now after two months of nikah I have divorced (Three talaq) my wife in writing on a stamp paper and I also approved the validity of my written triple talaq from the recognized muslim clerics in writing. This talaq (divorce) is valid as per muslim personal law. I have sent the written talaq and the cost of meher through cheque to my x wife but she refused to accept the talaq and unclaimed the talaq paper which I have sent her through speedpost. The marriage is not consummated yet. I want a decree from court for talaq. How can I approach to the court? Can the forged certificate (only softcopy I have) be the strong ground or what else can be the grounds for asking the divorce from the court? Can a muslim central government employee do the second marriage in this state (when the divorce with the previous wife is disputed.)