Mental harrasment and domestc violence by husband

I have been married for 8 years now and have a 4 year old daughter. It was a so called "'love marriage" where from college days he threatened to kill himself if i did not agree to marry him. he is very agressive, abusive, irresponsible. He has not educated SSLC dropout. No job in hand but does small real estate dealing here and there from all these years. i am a bcom graduate working from 2008. and the entire household runs on my salary. not bothered about the money its all for the family but my husband is a creep. dont know what to name it a male ego or inferiority feeling, he yells for each and every small thing, creates a ruckass for silly matters, breaks all the household items beats me up. all these years i tried everything to change him. gave him all the financial support my entire salary, cards so that he will not feel low. but his fancy living was making the matters worst. i thought after having a baby he will atleast change but it got worser. he is totally irresponsible. not bothered about the baby does not spend time with her, does not show her any compassion, keeps scolding her for each and every small thing. my baby was only 9 months when he forced me to join back to work. To be frank with no support from anyone struggling with baby, work and husband i am exhausted. his aggression is impacting my daughter's growth. he is only living his life with friends and his social network. every month i had bruises blood clots. Finally it crossed the limit and i told my parents and his parents. he does not bother about his relatives he overpowers them. but i thought atleast he will have impact of my parents knowing the facts. Last year i literally had to take my daughter and run at night 11.30 to my parents house bleeding with bare foot. for 4 days he did not even call. but when i got all my documents from home, he realised i will leave him and begged for forgiveness. the changes remained for only 2 months. again the same aggression and rage is impacting my daughter. she cries and pleades him not to scold or hit me. I do not want anything from him. just the loan repayment of 5 lakh which i have given him for clearing his debts. and want to stay separate from him. dont want a divorce if thats an option. but i want my child's custody. Please advice what can be done and what all to be considered legally. Thanks in advance.