Can I file a defamation, cheating, and divorce case altogetther?

I got engaged in Aug'14 & married in May'15. B/w engagement and marriage, we had 9 months of courtship. We met 5 times during this time. At the time of engagement he was working at Surat, & was earning 3 lac p.a. He had promised my father that he will keep me in Surat after marriage & Salwar Suit will be allowed, but he himself left job in Feb'15 & came to his native village in Rajasthan. He lied to us that he is on vacation. We got married in May'15. Soon after marriage, troubles started b/w me & MIL. She always forced me to wear Saree & never let me wear Salwar Suits (I dont know to wear Saree well). Initially husband supported, but later he went against me. We didnt have a personal room, I didnt have anything to keep my stuff. My parents kept telling them to change house, with a separate room for us, they changed to even a smaller house. They both started complaining my father about my misbehaviour via phone calls, emails, whatsapp chat. On many occassions, situations became so bad that I had to shout back at them. He even recorded those conversations and sent audio via Whatsapp. He even clicked some vidoes and pictures of only me shouting and sent to my parents. My parents always believed them & advised me to keep patience until he gets a job. My SIL had delivery in Dec'15, and their house is very small with just one room, so they told my father to take me with him for 1-2 months and they said they will call me after SIL's delivery. Husband was already jobless since Feb'15 (before marriage). My father & uncles always suggested him a lot of work options, but he never took seriously & stayed home until Feb'16. In Feb'16, he went to Guwahati for job, kept constant touch with my father & always said, that he will call me when he is set. My father kept patience. In May'16, they sent a letter to us defaming me, that I dont know anything, I am a fool, I dont know how to take bath, how to wear clothes, etc. They also defamed my parents saying that they have their mentally unfit daughter married to their son. They stated that they want to break the relation, so that they can marry their son somewhere else. My family tried a meeting in Jun'16 requesting them to not break relationship, instead let me & him live together. They denied. They sent another letter in Sept'16, defaming us with the same blames. I have below questions:- Can I file a defamation case? Can I file a cheating case? How much time I have to file divorce case? I am living with my parents since Dec'15.