Wife Lodge a FIR against My Parents and me under 488A and 376

Dear Sir , i am a Govt Employee .I got married 6 months ago .I was a Arrange Marriage . After few days of marriage my wife start to show her attitude , misbehave with me and my parents .In the first night she refused to any physical relationship with me . I can't handle her any more ,she did not want to compromise any matter(even very little issues) in between us .She always want to dominate over me . Did not show any respect to my parents .my father is a retired govt employees .mother house wife . My wife did not show any interest to cook as it is very much needed as my mother is seriously ill. Within this 6 months period she left for her paternal home for total 3 months in two phase . She also come to my office ant assault me before my office collogues.It hurts me very much . Now she complains in PS agantst me and my parents under 498A ant 376 ( against my father ,68 yr old).now my parents under the jail custody . Please suggest me how to come out from this situation . I want divorce. Rakesh ,Kanpur ,uttar Pradesh