Equal pay for equal work

Hello, i am Egyptian working in an Indian company in Egypt , The company was directly hiring employees then started to outsource them with less salary doing the same exact job violating 1-Indian Law (THE CONTRACT LABOUR (REGULATION ANDABOLITION) CENTRAL RULES, 1971) 25-v- (in cases where the workman employed by the contractor perform the same or similar kind of work as the workmen directly employed by the principal employer of the establishment, the wage rates, holidays, hours of work and other conditions of service of the workmen of the contractor shall be the same as applicable to the workmen directly employed by the principal employer of the establishment on the same or similar kind of work. 2-Egyptian law If an employer entrusts another employer with carrying out one of his works or part thereof, in the same work area, the latter should treat his own workers and the workers of the original employer equally in all rights. And shall be jointly liable with him in that. So 1- Is it possible to prosecute that Indian company in India by Egyptian citizen? 2- If yes so what documents needed to confirm that violation and can I give authorization to Indian lawyer through embassy in Egypt? 3- How long it will take for the case to be started and sentenced? 4- How averagely will that cost? 5- IS there any NGO'S can help me in that because now it’s a big Indian corporate violating human rights and Indian law for ((equal pay for equal work)) in another country it's not ethical and give bad picture to country suffered from injustice for a long time and fought for better working conditions for decades . Thanks for your time and I am waiting for your help .