Rent return from broker

Sir/Madam, I taken 1 BHK through a broker in bangalore on 2nd October through a broker. He told 24hr water,but daily water problem is there. Every time he will say.. from tomorrow it will come. When I requested him for different house, he didn't listen. So without having any choice, I have searched a new house and vacating here tomorrow on 12th October. Problem is, he is telling to deduct 20 thousands out of my security sum of 35,000. I have also signed a rent agreement where 1 month notice from both side is mentioned. My monthly rent is 10,000. So he should reduce 10000 max. As he told pure lie on water and behaved as a fraud, he don't deserve to get back money.But I am ok to pay 10000. But he is arguing to cut 20000 and if I resist will not return any sum. I objected strongly he said in Hindi : "Aise baat karega toh kaat dalega". How can I pay 20000 just for 10 days and getting cheated by them....What should I do, please advice....I am earning by working hard and staying away from family..