After one month of marriage, husband found something in wife's bag and when he asked what is that, she replied it's her uncle's pen. But he got doubt and later it was found that that was an insulin injector, which she has been taking thrice daily. Husband took her to doctor and found that she is suffering from Type one diabetes. Already been hospitalised earlier. Wife's family didn't tell anything before marriage and even after husband came to know about it and asked for previous reports for medical checkup, they initially denied and said they don't know anything. Later after repeated request, they gave reports. They don't even feel sorry for it. Wife has been eating sweets since wedding and doctor said anything could have happened if she continued this way. Also there will be lot of complications regarding her pregnancy. They cheated husband and family and lied many things and don't even feel sorry. Now husband is not able to trust her and relationship is not going well. Marriage date is 10 March 2016. Now husband wants to file divorce. Is suppression of disease information, type 1 diabetes and pregnancy complications are sufficient grounds for filing divorce. The are Hindu.