Right to food

My name is Kshitij Vijay Kothale. I am from Amravati district from Maharashtra state. Since 3 years I am studying in Hyderabad, at Sri chaitanya IAS academy. Now me and my room mates are facing the problem of food. This is my final year in the college. We stay in the bachupally campus, it's totally in the outskirts of the city and village area. My friend is from kolkata and one more friend is from nagpur and there are few more north Indians. Now the main problem which we are facing is the food problem. The kitchen is in the campus only. The food they provide us is ofcousre South Indian. The food here they make is so spicy that we cant even eat 2 spoons of it. Neither they provide us with chapati. Rice is the staple food here we are aware of it,but the food is really hilarious because its very spicy. And each and every item is spicy or extreme in their respective ingredients. We are complaining about the food to the authority but they always make some promises and they never completed it. Neither they allow us to go outside and eat food. Neither they allow us getting the food inside from outside. We called delivery food to the hostel but the securities dont allow us to get the food inside. The authorities always tells us that outside food is not allowed. And they are a bit partial to us as we are from another state. They allow the local students to go outside at any time and get their food inside. When we complain to them they simply just ignore us and proceed to a secured area where we cant reach them. We had a talk with the principal but everyone in the authority know our problem but they simply ignore it. The food is so spicy that even my one of the room mate who is a local here doesnt eat much. The food quality is totally low. And half of the food is wasted here. A stray dog even cant eat that food if he is in the agony. We tried alot but these authorities dont allow us at all to get our food. From the last month we didnt eat anything. We just had breakfast 2 days in a week. Main course of lunch and dinner we didnt eat it. The food incharge which was firstly placed here a year ago was better. He listened to our demands. He provided us with low spicy food. But the one now who is here is just hilarious and they are just eating our money and we are foodless. I suffered from malnutrition level 2 and my all friends are facing some kind of problems. Now what should we do..? Is there any law for such problem? Should i call police ? What should I do ? Please suggest..every complaint was ignored and they are partial to us because we are from another state.