LandLord Tenant Issue

Hi, Our Landlord Had Issued Us a Notice For arrears for unpayment of rent Since 2002. & Has Filed For Eviction under Rent Control Act maharashtra .Also He has Stated That We Have sublet the Said property To Someone Else. We have been Paying rent Since 1987 Till 2002 Without Fault With Receipts still kept ...For some reasons he stopped taking rent Since 2002 ...we approached him in 2005 again To Collect the pending Rent However he paid no heed still... Also The property Had to Redeveloped & He didnt take any action Towards Repairs towards the Commercial structure . Suddenly in 2013 He sent us a Notice stated above .To which we have replied & Agreed To pay all the amount till date including interest & settle for it ..However He didnt accept the said amount & Court has asked to deposit it in the treasury ...The case is just being pushed further & further by his advocate & its taking a toll on us.Please suggest what to do ahead !! Also recommend me Some Advocates Who have experience in these cases Living in western mumbai .. thank you