Engagement called off

Hi Is breaking an engagement a criminal or a civil case.? My cousin called off his engagement as the girl was very abusive and was mentally torturing my cousin about his sister and mother. All this happened because of this guys sister in law. She claims that we all tortured her and now she & her husband ( who is this guy brother) is no longer in touch with the family. But he is supporting this girl to go against his own family. My cousin is abroad and all this happened when he was still there. We spoke to the girls mother and told her that the marriage is called off. After that she asked for 1lk compensation for cards, booking hall, dress etc. For all these things my brother already paid her 75000. But she still wanted 1lk. We were ready to give and when the time came , she asked for 2lks and we didnt. As per her now, she claims that her lawyer has send him a summon and he has to come back home. She has filed a case against the parents , sister, aunt and brother in law. But none of them got any initimation. She is mentally torturing each one of us. The sister and her husband has spoken to her only twice over the phone and the sister met her once , in good time. Also, she is telling everyone that he used her and coz of family pressure he left her. The guys parents are old and health wise they are down. What should we do? that girls dad was a lawyer but he is no more. His friends are helping her out. We have not yet received any legal notice anything nor we have reached out to the police or lawyer . Please help. Also can this content be kept offline and not shown/ visible to anyone.