How to have a settlement with uae bank for my unpaid credit card

First how can i approach the bank trough emails? I have an amounting of something 27,000 dhs. but truth is my monthly payment was paid on time during those days i was employed, i believe the total balance charge for my credit was already settled only, the unpaid interest reach 27k Dhs. And due to visa issues and unemployed i have no choice but to go home to my country, with my credit card balance not settled. Previously (before i left UAE) i visited the bank asking for settlement amounting 5k dhs. because i am unemployed and no resources, beside i do have list of my expenses charge to my credit and the bank got aware to my statement, "how come i have my own list"? I said because during time i am employed i collected all the bills and almost a year paying the card (never used it) only to get even with their high charges. I am certain the balance i was trying to cover up are those monthly interest. Please advice how can i sttled with the bank again. Yes during the time i am unemployed and monthly bills cant settled, i do receive calls that are abusive and really bad words which i believe i don't deserve. Thank you for your advice