Demand money after mutually divorce

Hi, I got married in arya samaj 6 months ago without telling our parents however it did not work out. We took divorce a month ago mutually in arya samajh Mandir. We used to transfer some money before marriage and after marriage in my account. Where she used to take cash amount from me. There is no due amount where she can take from me...I asked her if she needs money, let me know before divorce but she needs only divorce nothing else. After taking divorce , I was very disturbed and thought I should give money to her for survival although she is doing job. So i sent an email to her stated that I give u rs 3: 5lacs to you but she didn't reply . After 2 days , I came to know that she has new boy friend and getting married to him by family choice. Then I change my mode. Now she is demanding money from me and even her new boy Friend called me twice and threatening about FIR. they are saying they have proof of all financial transactions where she has done neft but she has already taken all amount from me when we used to live together. More over I spent a lot money on her because she was wife. I have given her money lot times in cash. Pls advise me....can she take action on me...or should I take action against them?